Alan Pardew wants to buy and not sell in the approaching summer transfer window

‘’Over the summer, I'm going to be banging the chairman's door down for some big signings.’’

Those were the words which were released by Alan Pardew as the manager of Crystal Palace announced his intention to sign high profile players when the summer transfer window opens in a few months’ time.

Alan Pardew also announced his ambition to push Crystal Palace into the top 10 spots of the Premier League which is a possible thing that can happen but unlikely.

Crystal Palace has 3 matches left to play before the season reaches it’s end and they will have to collect victories in almost all of the remaining games in order to escalate into the top 10 of the English League but it won’t be easy for Alan Pardew to accomplish as their upcoming opponents are: Manchester United, Liverpool and Swansea City.
Alan Pardew voiced some of the goals that he wants to accomplish as the tactician of Crystal Palace said: "The most crucial thing for us is to try and secure a top-10 finish; I think that is a realistic aim. Then we need to build on that, the chairman has done a fantastic job here and it will probably be a big challenge for him in the summer because I'm going to be banging his door down about some big signings to come in and he has to do what is right for Crystal Palace.’’

By signing a few high profile players, Pardew is hoping that making a top 10 finish in the Premier League can turn into a much easier task to accomplish as well as continue to avoid the bottom relegation zone.

Alan Pardew was selected as the new manager of Crystal Palace on January 5 of the ongoing year and so far it appears to have been a good decision to appoint him as the manager and has even turned into a candidate of becoming the Premier League manager of the year due to the radical change that he managed to do with Newcastle United before eventually making a move to Crystal Palace where he has already claimed triumphs over: Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur.