Gareth Bale got €91 million from Real Madrid

Gareth Bale went from being the main star of Tottenham Hotspur to joining Real Madrid for a record breaking transfer fee of €91 million and at first many people questioned this transfer as if the Welshman was worth all that cash but a few months later and Bale proved his worth as he helped Real Madrid on securing major titles including: The Kings Cup and the Champions League.

Bale continues playing a huge role for Real Madrid with consistent performances and now that the January transfer window is only a few weeks away from kicking off, Manchester United appears to have taken an interest in signing the Welshman and if rumors are to be believed then the Premier League club could be offloading as much as £90 million in order to bring him to Old Trafford.

This rumor could have been more believable a few months ago, earlier in the season when Manchester United was going through a disastrous time with defeats and draws being the only outcome that they could secure in the Premier League but Louis van Gaal has finally seemed to have found balance at Old Trafford as Manchester United is located in the top 5 spots of the Premier League.

If Manchester United was still experiencing a disastrous campaign then Louis van Gaal would be under immense pressure where he has to spend big bucks in order to upgrade the squad but things have finally been starting to settle down in the Premier League club, there still are many problems in the team that need to be solved but Gareth Bale is not such a viable option for Manchester United as they already have a number of players that can do almost the same job as the Welshman and it’s highly unlikely that Real Madrid would even be considering selling one of their best performers in recent times.