The Brazilian legend, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira popularly known as Ronaldinho partook in a friendly game in Honduras last month July, during a visit which saw him greeted by thousands of fans both inside and outside of the stadium and also at a shopping mall.

The 2005 Balloond'Or winner featured in one half each for the Honduran club sides Real Espana and Motagua during an exhibition game at the National Stadium in Tegulcigalpa.

Following the game, which was named by the organizers as a 'match for peace', the Barcelona legend was mobbed by locals as he visited a shopping mall with one supporter in particular getting a little too close for comfort.

Led by a number of security personnel, the 37-year old was seen struggling to find his way through a crowd of adoring fans who were chanting his name as one desperate fan managed to nab a memorable souvenir, by grabbing Ronaldinho's beanie hat right off his head after a brief tug of war.

The former Brazil international initially turned round to confront the thief but was ultimately ushered on by a security officer who diffused the situation. He had earlier made known to a press conference in Honduras that one of his plans is to open up football schools around the world.
"Realistically I am old, but it is too difficult to stop playing football because it is what we love most," he said. "I want to do other things with my time in order to contribute to the football world, something like football schools."

The former AC Milan legend has been named as an ambassador for Barcelona for a period of ten years, and two months back, he played for the Catalan giants in a legends match against Manchester United.

He as well weighed in over Neymar's potential transfer from the club to Paris Saint-Germain, telling him to "follow his heart and be excited".