John Toshack reckons Cristiano Ronaldo would leave Santiago Bernabeu

John Toshack reckons Cristiano Ronaldo would leave Santiago Bernabeu before Gareth Bale does.

The 26-year old Bale was actually rumoured to be on the move back to UK this summer, but, that was denied later on by the player himself.

According to Toshack, there is very little chance of Real Madrid letting Bale go anywhere at this point of time because of the cash that has been spent on him.

On a channel yesterday, Toshack, who has spent a couple of seasons being in charge of the Los Blancos, said, “If you look at Gareth’s age, it’s the time when one can expect him to produce his best and having spent so much, I don’t think they (Madrid) would be seeking to let him leave. I think he is in at Bernabeu for quite a few years.”

When asked why Bale has not proven to be as much effective as Madrid as he was at Tottenham, Toshack said, “He has probably not got to play at a position which he prefers. He would probably be slightly better off playing left, but, with Cristiano there, it’s difficult for him to be slotted there at the moment.”

“However, Cristiano, I reckon, would probably be leaving sooner or later. I can’t say this is the reason or that is the reason. But, there have been a few things happening and you can almost feel it’s on the cards.”
Toshack also talked about the man who has recently made his way at the helm for the Catalan giants i.e. Rafa Benitez.
In the words of the Welshman, “Rafa is a capable guy. He is very technical in the way he coaches and he can really help the guys recognize their game quite well. I back his appointment.”