Barcelona took their advantage in the Spanish league

Barcelona took their advantage in the Spanish league to eight points after yet another victory.

This time it was a 4-0 thrashing of Eibar away from home. This means that the club has now won all their league matches since the draw against Espanyol at the start of 2016. This coupled with rivals like Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid dropping points consistently means that Barcelona can seal a second successive title much earlier than expected. There are still 10 games left in the Spanish league and if the Catalan club continue at this rate, they can seal the title with three games left.

Arshavin Plays On

Andrei Arshavin became a free agent after being released by the Russian club Kuban Krasnodar on February of the ongoing year, but it did not take a long time for the 34 year old attacker to join another club as he is the latest high profile player to join Kuban Krasnodar.

The veteran player penned a 1 year long deal and this can be extended to 2 years depending on his performances and the impact that he makes during his opening spell with the Russian Premier League club.

"On my own initiative, the contract includes the clause that the club has the right to terminate it at any time. We actually agreed straight away on the terms of the contract even at the first meeting."

Zinedine Zidane reckons comparing him and Pep Guardiola

Zinedine Zidane reckons comparing him and Pep Guardiola is probably not appropriate.

According to the former French skipper, Guardiola has already had a lot of achievements to show in his managerial career, while, he is just starting.

In the words of Zidane, “I see people have started drawing comparisons which, I think, is a bit off the mark.”

“Pep has been one of the best managers in the business for the last few years and his CV is already pretty impressive.”

“As far as I am concerned, I would work my own way and would never rate myself in comparison to someone. I didn’t do it in my playing days either.”

When asked about the reports of the unhappiness of the star player Gareth Bale, Zidane said, “He had a good relationship with Rafael. So, it’s obvious for him to be a little upset. But, he is going to be equally supported by me. I consider him a world class Footballer.”

John Toshack reckons Cristiano Ronaldo would leave Santiago Bernabeu

John Toshack reckons Cristiano Ronaldo would leave Santiago Bernabeu before Gareth Bale does.

The 26-year old Bale was actually rumoured to be on the move back to UK this summer, but, that was denied later on by the player himself.

According to Toshack, there is very little chance of Real Madrid letting Bale go anywhere at this point of time because of the cash that has been spent on him.

On a channel yesterday, Toshack, who has spent a couple of seasons being in charge of the Los Blancos, said, “If you look at Gareth’s age, it’s the time when one can expect him to produce his best and having spent so much, I don’t think they (Madrid) would be seeking to let him leave. I think he is in at Bernabeu for quite a few years.”

Alan Pardew wants to buy and not sell in the approaching summer transfer window

‘’Over the summer, I'm going to be banging the chairman's door down for some big signings.’’

Those were the words which were released by Alan Pardew as the manager of Crystal Palace announced his intention to sign high profile players when the summer transfer window opens in a few months’ time.

Alan Pardew also announced his ambition to push Crystal Palace into the top 10 spots of the Premier League which is a possible thing that can happen but unlikely.

Crystal Palace has 3 matches left to play before the season reaches it’s end and they will have to collect victories in almost all of the remaining games in order to escalate into the top 10 of the English League but it won’t be easy for Alan Pardew to accomplish as their upcoming opponents are: Manchester United, Liverpool and Swansea City.


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