The Barcelona sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta has cleared any doubts regarding the future of the Tito Vilanova by saying that he will remain as the Barcelona manager next season as well.

The 44-year-old has been undergoing cancer treatment in New York. Since the turn of the year, he has been in the Barcelona dugout for only one match – against Espanyol. His absence from the first team has also coincided with a dip in form for the team, which had been extraordinarily brilliant in the first half of the campaign. Even though there have been talk that Vilanova will be returning to Spain before the end of March, there still remain doubts about his ability to be a full-time manager.

The sporting director Zubizarreta, though, removed the speculation by saying that he certainly expects the 44-year-old to remain as the Barcelona manager.

Olympic Fever at Lakewood

Here at Lakewood Tigers HQ we're very much looking forward to the Olympic football - whilst the Europeans have had their football fix with the Euro 2012 tournament, we've not seen our boys in action for what seems like an eternity.

And it will be our boys - the squad has to be predominately filled with U-23 year olds, and are only allowed to have three players above that age. But we trust in our boys.

At the Lakewood clubhouse we'll be going all-out to back the boys, with the matches screen live for all the family to come and watch, as well as Olympic themed nights, raffles, competitions and a closing ceremony!

We have three Olympic football shirt replicas to give away to the people who can do the most keepie-uppies, and other amusing comps.

On top of that we'll be running a football betting competition - everyone will start on $20, and whoever gets their bets right (and manages to beat the bookies) will take a share of the enrty fees!

Playing Safe


For Indoor Season 2009-10 only, all teams are encouraged to alter the routine of shaking hands with the other team after the game has ended, and instead as the players walk by each other in the line simply say “good game”. If teams both agree to shake hands they are to use hand sanitizer afterwards ~ coaches are encouraged to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in their coaching bags. Hand sanitizers are also located at the admission booth and concession.

"FIFA remain consistent that players can safely participate in the FIFA Fair Play shake hands at the start/end of a game. All normal practices are safe, as long as proper hygiene procedures are followed.”


Our Coaching

Lakewood Soccer Club recognize that Coaches, Asst. Coaches and Managers are volunteers who kindly give their time to make soccer an enjoyable and fun sport while helping kids develop as soccer players and to become responsible members of the community.

We realizes that being a coach, asst. coach or manager may be scary for people unfamilar with soccer and supports the development of coaches and managers via the following activities or programs:

- 100% reimbursement of fees for officially recognized coaching clinics/certification
- The engagment of Gustavo Medrano as the Lakewood Technical Head Coach. Gus, is a National 'B' Licensed Certified Coach who works with coaches during each season to develop their skills.

Boot Exchange Program

The Lakewood Soccer Club is putting its best foot forward with a cleat exchange program for the spring season.

Donated cleats can be dropped at the Concession Stand on Saturdays. If you need a pair, check out what we have there as well.

If you have old cleats or shin guards you no longer can use, please consider donating them for this exchange. It's a great way to put old cleats to new use and to help everyone save some money.


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