Playing Safe


For Indoor Season 2009-10 only, all teams are encouraged to alter the routine of shaking hands with the other team after the game has ended, and instead as the players walk by each other in the line simply say “good game”. If teams both agree to shake hands they are to use hand sanitizer afterwards ~ coaches are encouraged to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in their coaching bags. Hand sanitizers are also located at the admission booth and concession.

"FIFA remain consistent that players can safely participate in the FIFA Fair Play shake hands at the start/end of a game. All normal practices are safe, as long as proper hygiene procedures are followed.”


Our Coaching

Lakewood Soccer Club recognize that Coaches, Asst. Coaches and Managers are volunteers who kindly give their time to make soccer an enjoyable and fun sport while helping kids develop as soccer players and to become responsible members of the community.

We realizes that being a coach, asst. coach or manager may be scary for people unfamilar with soccer and supports the development of coaches and managers via the following activities or programs:

- 100% reimbursement of fees for officially recognized coaching clinics/certification
- The engagment of Gustavo Medrano as the Lakewood Technical Head Coach. Gus, is a National 'B' Licensed Certified Coach who works with coaches during each season to develop their skills.

Boot Exchange Program

The Lakewood Soccer Club is putting its best foot forward with a cleat exchange program for the spring season.

Donated cleats can be dropped at the Concession Stand on Saturdays. If you need a pair, check out what we have there as well.

If you have old cleats or shin guards you no longer can use, please consider donating them for this exchange. It's a great way to put old cleats to new use and to help everyone save some money.

Our Mission

Mission Statement: The technical staff of Lakewood soccer is committed to providing a quality soccer program of both player and coach development.

They are responsible for providing leadership in the technical direction of the club. The emphasis is on the development of fundamental skills, recognizing that winning is important but having fun and long-term player development as priority.

Our Philosophy

Philosophy: To create a fun environment where players learn the game of soccer, and develop with character, attitude and desire.


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