Our Coaching

Lakewood Soccer Club recognize that Coaches, Asst. Coaches and Managers are volunteers who kindly give their time to make soccer an enjoyable and fun sport while helping kids develop as soccer players and to become responsible members of the community.

We realizes that being a coach, asst. coach or manager may be scary for people unfamilar with soccer and supports the development of coaches and managers via the following activities or programs:

- 100% reimbursement of fees for officially recognized coaching clinics/certification
- The engagment of Gustavo Medrano as the Lakewood Technical Head Coach. Gus, is a National 'B' Licensed Certified Coach who works with coaches during each season to develop their skills.

Gus, with the assistance of other volunteers, hosts coaching clinics at the start of each season and has time scheduled each month to run technical practices with coaches/teams. These technical practices are great opportunties for coaches to book a time with Gus to aid in their development as coaches as well as providing additional development opportunities for the kids. The kids love attending Gus's practices!