With the Premier League reaching its last few stages, these matches are crucial for any club as it will decide at which spot they will be finishing in the season but unfortunately for Manchester United things are about to get much more complicated after hearing the news about Van Persie’s injury which will be leaving him out of action for around 6 weeks.

The former Arsenal player is not expected to be fit and be featured for Manchester United’s Champions League clash against Bayern Munich as well as the 5 next Premier League matches which is something that David Moyes certainly did not want know.

After a fairly disastrous season for David Moyes in his first season in charge of Manchester United, he wanted to finish the campaign on a positive note but the injury of one of his star players might change everything for him and for Manchester United. According to the 888 Sportsbook, United have less than a 1 in 5 chance of pulling off a victory.

Bayern Munich is rampaging past everyone and everything in their path as they are at the top of the German League, Bundesliga and are expected to win the league once more. Manchester United on the other hand is struggling just to secure a top 5 spot in the Premier League.

Manchester United was just barely able to defeat Olimpiakos with Van Persie scoring 3 goals which was just enough for the Premier League club on getting into the last 8 teams remaining in the Champions League and now they have to go against Bayern Munich and to make matters even worse, they have do it without the player who almost singlehandedly pushed them where they are now with his hat-trick.

The pressure is still building up on David Moyes as he has his work cut out for him with the remaining Premier League matches crucial and could be the deciding factor if he stays as the head coach of Manchester United for the upcoming season or if he gets sacked.